Feb 25, 2016 8:40PM

Yung Lean's New Album 'Warlord' Is Here, Full Of Kush And Feelings

It's lit fam.
Yung Lean just dropped his second album Warlord—a soundtrack for sad thugs and emotional vapers all over the internet.
Previously released tracks 'Hoover' and 'AF1s' feature. Plus today's soundcloud upload 'Fantasy', which is excellent and filled with cryptic information such as "Life is like a drive thru / I think that I could die soon".
Other stand out tracks are 'Afghanistan', a nice little ditty about kush from Afghanstan. Very rare. And the hazy AF 'Eye Contact', which is the ultimate sad boy syrup anthem with lines like "I don't have no feelings left / I don't want to hurt" and "Look into the sky and I see myself / I don't wanna fall down I don't need your help". Aw mate.
Stream it entirely on Spotify
Photos and GIFs: @yunglean2001, tumblr

Hayley Morgan