Oyster #104 Cover Shoot: Charlotte Free x Jeff Bark x Chanel Haute Couture SS14

‘Softer, Softest.’

Our second 20th Anniversary Cover Girl is Charlotte Free, who rose to fame thanks to her bubblegum pink hair and bubbly personality, but has since gone super fancy and walked for Chanel Haute Couture and recently appeared in Vogue UK shot by Tyrone Lebon. For the cover of Oyster 104: The Exposed Issue, we flew to New York for an epic Chanel exclusive — with renowned photographer Jeff Bark shooting our cover girl in a Chanel SS14 Haute Couture story that’s part under-the-sea, part sci-fi Flashdance. What makes her so special? Let’s find out!
What does it take to be a successful model?
To have something besides good looks; something special.
What’s your idea of a good time?
Undisclosed location or pretty much anywhere you’re not supposed to be and the police can’t find…For my 20th birthday I had all the kids in my family come swimming at my house and dress up in costumes, then me, my mom and my cousins went out to a party that got shut down by stupid cops as soon as we arrived.
What are your interests outside of fashion?
I make music. I’m really into alternative medicine and healing, art and biology. The big picture, the flow of the universe, why we are here — these are all things that interest me.
Who are your heroes?
Aphex Twin is my hero, along with my papa. Hayao Miyazaki and some of his characters, Gryphon, female warriors and war commanders of old, Eowyn, Gandalf, Link, the Hero of Time. I would also say Goku from Dragon Ball Z, because his heart is as gold as his Super Saiyan hair.
What makes you sexy?
My energy, the way I can make you feel.
What is your favourite body part?
My favourite body part is my heart, because of its advanced magnetic field, and my brain. Those two things are the sources of magic power.
Do you have any weird talents?
I’m an excellent racecar driver — I never lose to anyone — but I don’t have my license.
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Photography: Jeff Bark
Creative Director: Alice Alexander
Fashion Editor: Megha Kapoor
Hair: Sophie Roberts
Makeup: Mark Edio
Fashion Assistants: Samantha Rhodes, Hannah Elliot
Photographic Assistant: Chris White
Model: Charlotte Free @ IMG