Cool Couple: Dylan & Kaitlyn Like TV & Being Alone Together

Couple a legends!

Welcome to our new post series where we showcase couples who are good and cool. The first cabs of the rank are Montreal-based anti-socialites Dylan Kyle Lamy and Kaitlyn Eilish Woodhouse. Dylan likes to skate and was probably a magpie in a past life, Kaitlyn is still ~figuring it out~ and also enjoys collecting trinkets. Together, the lovebirds have built a nest full of good TV shows — mentioning their fondness for Curb and Ru Paul in the same breath — and, presumably, some shiny objects.

Name(s): Kaitlyn Eilish Woodhouse and Dylan Kyle Lamy

Kaitlyn: Saint John, New Brunswick
Dylan: Toledo, Ohio

Currently based: Both: Montreal, Quebec

What are you doing right now?
Both: Barely getting by ;).

Can tell us a little about yourself and what you “do”?  
Kaitlyn: Currently madly in love with my surroundings and obsessively collecting trinkets… Constantly trying to find out what I “DO”.
Dylan: Skateboarding and digging through the trash.

What subculture from history do you most identify with and why?  
Both: Filthy post-teen camp ;).

What causes and issues do you feel most strongly about?  
Both: Propaganda and inequality in any form.

Do you prefer hanging out alone or in groups?  
Both: We prefer to be alone, together. Whether that be in our home or at the club.

Who have been your greatest supporters/mentors/inspirations?  
Kaitlyn: My Nan, Sugar Bear, unknown pedestrians, Claude Cahun.
Dylan: Nikko, David Lynch, Crispin Glover, Vincent Gallo, Andy Kaufman, George Bataille.

Do you have any “cult” recommendations — books, films, TV?  
Kaitlyn: The Sirens of Titans (Kurt Vonnegut), Rosemary’s Baby, Scooby Doo ;).
Dylan: Story Of The Eye (Georges Bataille), Even Dwarfs Started Out Small (1970), Pixote (1981), What Is It? (2005), Palomac Hammerstudies, Nowhere (1997), The Delicate Art Of the Rifle (1996), Nikolas Schreck.

What are you most excited about at the moment? 
Both: Owing our first pup, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Ru Paul’s Drag Race!!

Why is togetherness especially important in 2017?  
Both: It is especially important to work on togetherness ALL of the time.

Photography: Vinna Luadico

Words: Lucy Jones