NWTS: The Official ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival Photos Are Here

25 years later…

The Twin Peaks premiere is two short months away and we just got the most legit preview yet in the form of some official promo pics. The images paint a same, same but different picture of the town you know and love.

The Entertainment Weekly exclusive sees Shelly and Norma return to the diner, uniforms and hairstyles intact, and gives us a BTS look at David Lynch directing James, who’s still repping (the same?) motorcycle jacket. Down at the Sheriff’s Department Lucy wears a signature statement sweater, Andy wears a goofy hair-do, and Hawk has literally not changed a bit!

Analyse every little detail below.

No one is as keen for the Twin Peaks revival as the Twin Peaks fam members themselves, share in their excitement below.

Photos: Entertainment Weekly, @entertainmentweekly

Lucy Jones