#neverforget Movie Edition: All The Ways ‘Looking For Alibrandi’ Made Us Feel

“I am what I am and all I want is freedom.”

What was an excellent book, and potentially the greatest Australian film ever made, we have many feelings about Looking For Alibrandi. Feelings of being old but also feelings of John Barton’s suicide note and that time Josie thought she was going home in the back of a panel van. What are we doing to deal with these feels? Reflecting via GIFs, quotes and pics of the best bits, like…
Our introduction to Jacob who dropped a mad Nick Cave reference in his debate speech


Josie’s culinary sophistication

When she hangs out in bed with her mum

The scene where Josie is first imagining her future with John

And then the moment they exchanged those notes 🙁

When Melina’s words made us feel alright about our parents

And when she sassed us with some pretty good teen advice

The part that made us feel like our devvo loner existence wasn’t unique or wrong

The monologue that makes us want to call our mums every time

And the one that makes us want to slap someone

The way it explores suicide in an honest way

John’s words on his freedom 🙁

Finally, Josie’s eventual understanding and embracing of herself <3

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Photos and GIFs: Tumblr