MBFWA Diaries: Backstage And Off Duty Babes By Max D’orsogna

It’s fashion, baby.

As MBFWA (sponsored by our friends at Mercedes-Benz) comes to a close, the foot baths are getting heated up and the BTS flicks are rolling in. If you haven’t caught any of the fire content that we’ve been sharing on the @oystermagazine and @mbfw Instagram accounts, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered (but also, head here to catch up!).
This big batch comes from our man Max D’orsogna, who’s done good work capturing all the kool things backstage at KITX, Pageant, and Double Rainbouu, as well as off duty babes and the Oyster Benz crew.
MBFWA #trendreport? You got it:
Looks like:

Sounds like:

Feels like:

Photography: Max D’orsogna