ABC Does The Lord’s Work, Interviews The Actual Dolly Doctor [Watch]

Am I normal?

Without Dolly Magazine, and its heavily-thumbed Dolly Doctor section, there is literally no way teen girls in the early 00s would have known to wear electric blue to their formals or how to insert a tampon correctly. The publication was fundamental in our development, and that’s no secret:

Yes. Yes you should break up with him #dollydoctor #sealedsection @b.o.o.n

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I missed you #dollydoctor - learning at the laundromat

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Getting educated while waiting for nrma #dollydoctor #stranded @ellienaylor

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In what can only be seen as the Lord’s work, ABC have hit up the actual Dolly Doctor, Melissa Kang, to chat through some of the crucial advice she’s given over the last 23 years. Note: we can finally confirm that the questions are from real people.

Melissa says that the most common questions she got were about tampons — not being able to get them in or out. She also touches on female orgasm, or the absence of, and said it was a pretty common question too. The thread through them all though, was “Am I normal?”.

Watch it below and thank the heavens you aren’t 13 and nervous bout losing your virginity to a tampon.

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