Lorde Legit Doesn’t Care If You Reckon Her VMAs Performance Was Suss

Dance like nobody’s watching.

In case you missed it: Lorde danced exactly how the owner of an onion ring rating Instagram account would dance and the world was shocked an appalled. As fans of Elaine Benes and Kate Bush, Lorde’s moves weren’t particularly offensive over here. And, actually, they were the result of her powering through a flu when she couldn’t actually sing ‘Homemade Dynamite’ for her VMAs performance.

In a recent interview on Marc Maron’s podcast WTF, Lorde spoke about the response she copped: “It’s sort of embarrassing to watch someone experience intense joy. Way more than pain… and I think that’s why people find what I do quite disconcerting,” she said. “People got, like, so angry about me performing at the VMAs. I just danced. I just danced! And I danced with full fucking joy. Some people were like, ‘We get it, we love it.’ And some people were like, ‘This is offensive that I have to watch this.'”

Photo: @lordemusic