Oyster Originals: DC Shoes 94 Collection shot by Imogen Wilson

Peak nostalg.

Because the 90s will forever be the coolest time to be alive and putting outfits together, some wardrobe essentials just can’t die. The latest to be brought back in front of our elated eyes is the fat skate shoe — a revival we’ve personally got to attribute to the styling work of Oyster regular and fave Sarah Starkey.

In any case, DC Shoes are taking their comeback seriously, launching a new collection based of old faithfuls. To celebrate, DC Australia invited kiwi photographer Imogen Wilson to shoot an editorial showcasing products from their new 94 Collection.

The new collection, which is now very much available to buy, features both wide profile/fat tongue works of art, as well as a pretty on trend range of apparel. Tap through the gallery above, which spotlights DC’s heritage collection, through the lens of Imogen Wilson, and get ready for peak nostalg.

Photography: Imogen Wilson
Production: Diamond Dozen Agency
Styling: Sinead Grace
Hair & makeup: Georgia Gaillard
Models: Tig Terera, Seala Lokollo @ Folk Collective