Lonely Lingerie Launch Maternity Line And Now We Want A Million Babies


Lonely Lingerie have made an entire thing about catering to all different bodies with their beautiful lace knickers and inspirational Lonely Girls. Now, they’re adding mum bodies to the list.

It turns out mums, or soon to be mums, require a few extra things when it comes to undies: easy open clips above the cup, additional support, adjustable bands and, as it turns out, an extra lining of soft antimicrobial bamboo for absorption. You’d better believe Lonely have got you covered.

Lonely founder Helene Morris has three babes, she she’s coming from a tried and tested place here. “Motherhood is a time when women give over their bodies and a large part of their identity to another being,” she says. “Lingerie requirements can often feel symbolic of this process. Lonely Maternity is designed to make mothers feel beautiful and special at a time when theyโ€™re often forced to compromise their choices.”

Check out some snaps of the line above, which includes the Bonnie Maternity Bra, the Bonnie Crop and the Bonnie High Waist Brief. And if that doesn’t make you want to have a baby and breastfeed in public, idk what will.


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