Miss Peru Contestants Recite Female Oppression Stats Instead Of Measurements

“My measurements are: 3,114 women victims of trafficking up until 2014.”

It might be pretty effed that beauty pageant contestants are asked to say out loud their body measurements during the competition, but the women of Miss Peru have taken this opportunity to draw attention to some bigger numbers.

Instead of answering questions about their waists, the responded to such questions with things like “My measurements are: the 65 percent of university women who are assaulted by their partners.” That was Belgica Guerra speaking.

Melina Machuca said, “My measurements are: more than 80 percent of women in my city suffer from violence.” Camila Canicoba said, “My measurements are: 2,202 cases of femicide reported in the last nine years in my country.” Juana Acevedo said, “My measurements are: more than 70 percent of women in our country are victims of street harassment.” And the winner, Romina Lozano, said, “My measurements are: 3,114 women victims of trafficking up until 2014.”

The plan had be organised before they hit the stage, and images of related news headlines appeared behind the women as they spoke. In fact, the entire pageant centred around violence against women. The organiser and former beauty queen, Jessica Newton, told Buzzfeed News, “Everyone who does not denounce and everyone who does not do something to stop this is an accomplice.” TRUE.