POMS Just Launched A Whole New Collection And It Is Glam And Grown

Glow up!

From the Melbs jewellery label that first brought you fluffy ear decor and shades so cool they also wear jewels, comes a brand new collection called ‘Nuovo’. In it, there are three new eyewear shapes and a beautiful selection of jewellery that really highlights how the label has grown. The POMS glow up is so real!

In eyewear we get an updated version of POMS’ best-known cat eye, which is a little more petite 50s vibes; the old Gatto style gets reworked as a metal-framed aviator with inspo from The Matrix’s Trinity; plus a third style that is the most ladylike — inspired directly by Adriana’s mum “the true 80s Italian matriarch” — with incred arm details.

In the jewellery department, expect to adorn your whole self with handmade pieces that reference ancient talismans and Roman ruins by way of discs, charms, bells and heavy chain links. Made from ethically sourced materials of course. Oh, and that very precious Brendan Huntley collab is back.

Shop all the new stuff here.