Pornhub Will Give You Free Premium Content When You Get Your Period

Pleasure and pain.

It’s science that porn is very useful when you have your period — orgasms decrease cramps and headaches by releasing pain crushers like dopamine and oxytocin, plus lots of women experience a spike in sexy desire during menstruation. Pornhub have been tipped off about this, and have put out a new campaign that kinda has us excited about our next big day.

The campaign is called ‘Fuck Your Period’ and you can take it very literally. With the help of a cute pink landing page with graphics that at least six of your friends probably have tattooed on them, Pornhub is encouraging you to tune in during your period.

First, you’ve gotta log some info about your cycle, and then Pornhub will email you on the first day of your next period to give you access to three days of free premium content. So kind!

Images: Pornhub