Byron Spencer Captures BTS Realness At Sydney’s Sissy Ball


Last week, the Sydney Gay and Lesibian Mardi Gras and Red Bull Music presented Australia’s first ever Sissy Ball. Curated by local artist Bhenji Ra, the night schooled the city on all things vogueing. To celebrating the history of New York’s ballroom scene, talent was rolled in from all over the world — houses from NZ and AUS, Slé, Fafswag and House of Envy competed; vogue choreographer Leiomy (FKA Twigs, Willow Smith) came from New York to judge; vogue MC and Rihanna back-up dancer Dashaun hosted; and an incred list of musicians including Quay Dash, MikeQ, Electric Fields and Angel-Ho kept the fierceness hot and heavy.

Our guy Byron Spencer captured some BTS realness on the night. Tap the gallery above to see.

Photos: Byron Spencer