Chris Brown Just Tried To Wish Rihanna A Happy Birthday And The Navy Went In

Stay away from her.

Our queen, our icon, our reason to breathe (Rihanna, btw) is currently celebrating her birthday. And while the whole world is recognising this marvellous day through tribute posts of the badgal’s best moments — leaving venues with glasses of wine, struggling to wink, being powerful and single and happy, raising billions for children’s education, etc. — Chris Brown has decided to make his (unwanted) presence known.

By way of a grainy baby photo of Rihanna, Chris Brown exclaims a boring, insensitive “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. Collective “Pffft.” Honestly, who invited him? A question the Navy immediately knows the answer to, they’ve gone in and told him to rack the hell off mostly by way of “stay away from her,” and “get a job”.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @badgalriri

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Rihanna is yet to engage with the post, but she has gone ahead and done this and we can’t help but agree:

bare shellings tonight!!!! feb.20

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