Iris Apfel, Icon, Wants You To #Chicitup On Insta And God Bless Her


Iris Apfel, a forever icon and beacon of hope in terms of our fashion hoarding and fear of ageing, has just requested you #chicitup on instagram. The whole thing is just so freakin’ sweet.

She posted a relatively blurry photograph of herself — not discrediting her with this detail, more feeling refreshed in a sea of impossible OOTD’s — decked head-to-toe in a textural red outfit that is not unlike something we’ve dreamed of being swathed in on any given Sunday morning, waiting at the deli counter of Delmonico Gourmet Food Market.

The caption is the best:

“Post your chic photos whilst getting done an ordinary daily activity in the city & add the hashtag #chicitup,” She writes. “I want to see how you dress in an ordinary day out. (The hashtag has only 877 pictures. Let’s see how many we will add.) Chic it up fashion chickadees! 💄” God bless her.

Sweet as it is, though, we gotta admit we’re hesitant to get in on this one. I mean, she’s monitoring the tag right? This kind of pressure is too much for a Tuesday.

Image: Tumblr