Meet The Model: Aussie Dream Girl Kye Howell

Lady luck.

You definitely know Kye’s face via the runways of Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Margiela, Fenty, etc. She’s an Aussie dream girl who has had a legitimate modelling fairytale. After moving from Melbourne to New York to study make-up, luck struck and she was very quickly picked up by model scouts and casting director and just casually made her debut at Dior’s SS17 show. As if that wasn’t enough of a CV to convince you her career is pure destiny, try learning that Kye was once immobile after a car accident. “I used to be in a wheelchair, and I now get paid to walk,” she said in a recent interview.

Origin stories aside, we caught up with Kye to find out the pivotal stuff. Like celebrity crushes and what you’ve got to gain from spitting milk in someone’s face.

Name: Kye Howell

Nickname: Sadly, never had one

Star sign: Leo

Where are you from?
South East suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

What do you do outside of modelling?
I currently assist French makeup artist Maud Laceppe, she is so talented and I’m very lucky to be learning from her.

What inspires you most?
Other people’s well deserved success.

What songs or albums are sound tracking your life atm?
I’ve recently fallen back into The Doors, heavily.

Any personal beliefs or values that are meaningful to you?
Find your people and stick with them, the ones who love you and support you. The ones that feel like home.

What celebrity or person from history do you have a crush on?
Tom Hardy in his Myspace days.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Well I had planned to be a Disney Princess at Disneyland, but the max height is 5ft 9’…

What scares you most?

Best piece of advice you ever received?
Spit all over someone with a mouthful of milk if you want to find something out about their personality fast.

What is a skill you wish you possessed?
Always wished I did ballet, perfect posture is what I dream of. And piano.

What fictional character to you most relate to, and why?
In every book I read there are characters that have similarities I see within myself, but I haven’t found one that would stand out as clear relation.

Best YouTube clip you’ve ever seen?
Girl getting hit with a shovel.

Photography: Bec Martin
Fashion: Lauren Dietze
Hair and make-up: Karen Burton 
Model: Kye Howell
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