Inside ‘FFF’ Zine’s Delish Third Issue Feat. Rinko Kikuchi, Kalen Hollomon, Stoya And More

Let’s dish.

Our fffriends over at FFF zine have just served up a new issue. We’re so happy because now we get to make heaps of food puns (FFF stands for Food For Fashion) and we also get to talk about how plate they are. We mean great.

Issue 3 is a real main course for creative directors Zac Bayly and Stacia Hadiutomo. It’s their biggest yet. Inside, they’ve combined contributions from legends including Kalen Hollomon, Stoya, Ssion and Luis Venegas until very smooth. Plus they’ve dressed the whole thing in a cover featuring Rinko Kikuchi, who you’ll remember from Babel and who’s back for Pacific Rim Uprising.

Genius photos of cute kids and drippy ice creams by Paolo De Lucente have been styled to taste by the incred James Valeri. Mathilde Agius and Stuart Williamson heat things up, proving that you most certainly can make more than friends with salad. Edward Crutchley pulls full brunch face while in conversation about Kim Jones, Kanye and Yorkshire puddings. And that’s just the choccy tip of the iceberg.

Head to their webby to pick up a copy of the new issue, and suss the limited shirts they made with contributor (and art genius) Kalen Hollomon. Bone app the teeth!