Cardi B Just Dropped The ‘Bartier Cardi’ Clip And It Is Glam AFFFFFFF

Diamonds all over my body.

Cardi B is getting into some old Hollywood lushness for her Petra Collins-directed ‘Bartier Cardi’ clip. She’s soaked in diamonds and coloured furs, sliding all over a car bonet via old-timey effects, and twerking on the side of a bath that looks particularly inviting due to how glamorously sexed up this whole thing is and also because there is money in it.

21 Savage also shares the clip. Rather than having the time of his life like Cardi, he’s in a room getting tied to a chair surrounded by a bunch of TVs playing static. Bitch on Molly? Whatever your thing.

Watch it below and get ready for Cardi’s record, which is due April 6.