Oyster Beauty: ‘Aliangé’ shot by Byron Spencer and Natalia Parsonson

Glow up.

Aliangé make excellent skincare products including face masks in colours so cool you might just be tempted to leave them on for the rest of your life. Developed by Dr Alison Jamieson, who has specialised in cosmetic medicine for over 20 years, the line is made in Australia so it’s real good at repairing faces that spend most of their time in the Aussie glare. It’s also worth noting that the formulas are cruelty free, safe, have no animal testing and contain no harmful fillers, harsh chemicals, parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrance and are obtained from ingredients that are non genetically modified and environmentally sustainable.

Videographer/ Photographer: Byron Spencer
Photographer: Natalia Parsonson
Make Up Artist: Colette Miller using Aliangé
Assistant: Ali Robertson
Hair: Kyye Reed
Styling: Kurt Johnson
Talent: Luca Kiripun, Rainy (Kult), Teresa Oman (Kult) Celia (Debut), Chris H (Debut), Luana Farina, Kitty Callaghan, Amber Prado Richardson, Alys Hale, Jenny Kee, Agnes Choi, Matilda Brown