‘A Queen Within’ Exhibition Examines Symbols Of Womanhood Through Gypsy Sport, Margiela & McQueen

On view now at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Fashion is all about perception. It’s your way to tell the world exactly who you are. And as our understanding of gender identity has continued to change, so has our way of presenting femininity. That’s what a new exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art explores.

Through photographs and archival pieces from designers like McQueen, Margiela and Gypsy Sport, A Queen Within examines the symbolic nature of modern womanhood through seven archetypal personalities. Featuring work by artists like Charlie Le Mindu, Hideki Seo and Fantich & Young, as well as designs by Pam Hogg, Iris Van Herpern and more, the exhibition challenges traditional beauty standards and blurs the lines of what it means to be a girl.

And if you can’t make it all the way to New Orleans, check out our gallery to see some of our favorite pieces and photos from the show.

‘A Queen Within’ is on view now until May 28 at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Images: Courtesy