Björk Finally Played on TV Again After Eight Long Years

The singer made her late night return on ‘Later…with Jools Holland’ last night.

Björk is back. I mean, she never actually left — she just stopped performing on TV. But last night, the wood nymph/fairy/mystical being that is Björk made her return to late night with a whimsical performance on Later…with Jools Holland fit for any wood nymph/fairy/mystical being.

The singer performed two songs — ‘Courtship’ from her latest album, Utopia, and an updated version of ‘The Anchor Song’ from her 1993 debut album called Debut. No one ever said Björk wasn’t literal.

The performance featured a large group of live greenery (you know, like ferns and stuff), a flute-playing choir and the brilliant masks by designer and frequent Björk collaborator James T. Merry. And since she probably won’t be on TV again for another decade, watch (and cherish) the performances below.

Image: Facebook