Collection Survey: Ffixxed Studios AW18

Packing poolside.

Ffixxed Studios were once making fresh garb outta Melbourne, which is where we first fell in weird love with them, but have since relocated to China’s Wutong Mountain. This comes after a few stints in Berlin (where they launched), New York and Hong Kong. So, what a pleasure it was to see their AW18 collection IRL, trotting down the runway at Kazakhstan’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Almaty. Shout outs to WeChat!

The collection featured not just super contemporary designs — a positive mix between sculptural and relaxed — but it also dealt out a range of really interesting fabrications. From the hand-woven digital images of packaging that really exists in their studio and integrated scarf details, to the adhesive tape detailing and knits with quilted panels.

Toeing unconventional aesthetics is absolutely a drive for the label. So much that when founders Fiona Lau and Kain Picket clocked the pool at Almaty’s Shera Park Inn, they quickly arranged to shoot a selection of the looks on location. Tap through above to take a look, and read on below to get deep on the collection.

Starsign/s: Both Taurus!

Any personal beliefs or values that are meaningful to you?
Right now we’re focused on just doing what we’re really invested in personally, actually having fun with it and making sure that everyone in the company has the same kind of experience.

Can you tell me a little bit of background on the collection — any inspirations, references, important collaborations?
We were looking at materials generally considered dull or mundane, such as packing tape and cardboard — stuff that’s always in the studio. We wanted to take a more DIY, ad hoc approach to the collection.

And you just showed your collection at MBFW Almaty — how did that come about?
Aya was friends with Fiona from a big WeChat group, and then she asked us if we would want to do a show in Kazakhstan, and of course we were really excited!

Did you enjoy it? What are some highlights or takeaways from the trip?
It was really amazing! We love the 90s interiors, snow-capped mountains, city neon lights, soviet-era architecture, frozen lakes and super beautiful people!

If the collection was a colour: Purple and green check
If it was a mood: Sitting bum forward on the wide base sofa / Sunday evening light working in a hotel room watching TV thinking about ordering more room service
If it was an animal: Chinese crested dog
If it was a language: WeChat stickers
If it was a place: Poolside, Shera Park Inn Almaty
If it was a time: Finishing the last bit of work before you ready to go out
If it was a song: Meiko Nakahara – Dance in the Memories

If it was a season: Autumn / winter obvs
If it was a food: Curly wurly / avocado
If it was a famous person: Rocco Silano the magician
If it was a YouTube video:

If it was a smell: Toasted Marshmallow / Langham candles
If it was a texture: Hotel linen
If it was a quote: “Never a dull moment.”
If it was a film: Big Momma’s House

Photography: Baurjan Bismildin
Hair and Make-up: Make Up For Ladies
Photography assistants : Mussagulova Ainur, Raspekov Abulkhair
Models: @kanybekoff_jr & @zhandauletova_a
Styling: @ffixxed_studios
Shoes: @ttzo.official x FFIXXED STUDIOS
Producer: @ayaaspan
Location: @sheraparkinn
Thank you: & @jamesdeutsher_