Helmut Lang Just Launched Their Very Own 80s Dating Service

Swipe right on the brand’s Pre-Fall 18 campaign.

Long before the years of Tinder and Grindr — and before ‘swiping right’ was a part of our everyday lexicon — people met their partners the old fashion way: through singles ads. You see, in the 80s and 90s people actually read the newspaper. So, the best way to find a significant other was to take out an ad in the personals section. Well, maybe not the best way, but hey, no judgements. Things were just less complicated back then. You didn’t both have to swipe right on each other to make a connection — all you had to do was call the number they provided under a list of hobbies like “taking long walks on the beach” and “crocheting.”

And it seems like we’re not the only ones nostalgic for that. For their new Pre-Fall 18 campaign, Helmut Lang has launched their very own throwback dating service. Shot by Alex Lee, the campaign sees a group NYC singles modelling the collection — and looking for love.

Launched today, the campaign urges followers to e-mail LOVE@HELMUTLANG.COM to connect with its models, like 81-year-old homemaker Claudine and 53-year-old “not a model” John. Each photo shows a single model, ages 21 to 85, in the Pre-Fall collection alongside tidbits like their occupation, favorite quote or star sign. Adena, the 52-year-old professor/nurse practitioner lists her words to live by: “The Revolution will not be televised.” She’s pretty much perfect.

Helmut Lang Pre-Fall 2018 Email LOVE@HELMUTLANG.COM to connect with Sissòn.

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Other highlights are Jay, the 75-year-old retired speech pathologist, and the bright pink pea coat Claudine is wearing. The collection is available now, and you can actually e-mail the singles for a date. So, even if you don’t find everlasting love, at least you can buy pretty some long-lasting Helmut Lang.

Images: @helmutlang