Collection Survey: Jovana Markovic FW18 shot by Ana Kraš

So sophisty.

Jovana Markovic is based in Belgrade, Serbia, and makes really beautiful clothing for clever women. Natural materials are top for her, and a nice balance between casual and dressy and super sophisty is her vibe.

She just launched her RTW brand exclusively with Assembly NY, and dream girl Ana Kraš shot the FW18 campaign in NYC. Featuring all the right things — shiny black coats and slim white denim, soft but sharp on the edges — she describes the collection as “where dreams meet reality,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Name: Jovana Markovic

Starsign: Leo

Where are you from and where do you live now?
Belgrade, Serbia.

Any personal beliefs or values that are meaningful to your work?
Imagination is everything.

And what were you doing, learning or practicing before you started working on your line?
I’ve always felt a pull to create, drawing was my first love and now fashion design allows me to express myself and see my creations take life. One of my goals was to create a line that was wearable and had the handmade quality of clothing akin to a custom piece.

Can you tell me a little bit of background on the collection — any inspirations, references, important collaborations?
The mixture of soft lines and strong structure, flowing fabric around sharp edges, feminine shaped silky dresses with the firmly sculpted leather coats, where dreams meet reality.

If you could describe the collection in five words…
Pure, dreams, smooth, strong, feminine.

If the collection was a colour: Pine

If it was a mood: Content

If it was an animal: A horse

If it was a language: My collection speaks 10 languages

If it was a place: ‘La progress’ cafe in Paris

If it was a time: Midnight

If it was a song: PJ Harvey, ‘This Is Love’

If it was a season: Fall

If it was a food: Ikura

If it was a famous person: PJ Harvey

If it was a YouTube video:

If it was a smell: Tonka coriander candle smell

If it was a texture: Marble

If it was a quote: “That which is like unto itself is drawn.”

If it was a film: Force Majeure

Photography: Ana Kraš
Model: Laura Van Londerzele