Dilara Findikoglu Released An Inclusive Bridal Collection

And it kind of makes us want to get married.

Dilara Findikoglu has now branched into bridal wear. The Turkish, London-based designer who’s known for her Marilyn Manson cone-bra t-shirts and Satanic sensibilities has now turned her attention to clothing for anyone’s special day. The collection, titled Die For Love, is all-inclusive and specifically includes pieces for any kind of marriage: hetero, same sex, non-binary and even self-love.

“There haven’t been any other brands that consider same-sex marriages when designing wedding lines,” Findikoglu told DAZED. “I wanted to change how limited wedding traditions have been in the past and be more inclusive.”

As for the self-love aspect, the collection also caters to people who want to get dressed up just to celebrate themselves.

“In our modern world self-love is often overlooked. Being inclusive of all types of people is vital to me when casting or designing,” she said.

To launch the line, the designer tapped photographer Casper Sejerson and stylist Ellie Grace Cumming to shoot artist-turned-activist Saffiyah Kahn to embody the single and self-loving woman, as well as real life straight and gay couples, to showcase the true diversity of the brand.

The collection itself is sustainable, and filled with delicate white brocade and pink organza, and lots of sexy reds. The vibe is sort of Victorian-meets-80s prom-meets Marie Antoinette-meets Beetlejuice. Though I don’t know if I’d actually die for love (as the collection and corresponding social media captions ask), but I’d definitely die to get my hands on the collection.

Check out the NOWNESS campaign video, below.

Photos: Instagram