Emma Mulholland’s Holiday Label Launches Very Chill Postcard Project w/ Zine And Tees

Wish you were here.

A zine is as good as a getaway, especially in the case of Emma Mulholland’s sunny second label, Holiday, which has just released a sort of postcard project that involves photos in zines and on tees.

Titled ‘Wish You Were Here’, the project looks at fashion, travel and quite often tanned bodies on beach towels, through photos and collages. You know the vibe. Em was inspired when she was looking through the photographers of 80s ex-paparazzo photog, Donald Terpstra, who at times took images of perfect days at the beach — snapshots instead of selfies.

With contributions from Byron Spencer, Imogene Barron, Ryan Kenny, Ellen Virgona, Rachel Rutt, Kitty Callaghan and so many more, you can cruise through the gallery above to get a peek inside the zine. It’s on sale here, and you can head here to nab a postcard tee while you’re at it.

Images: Courtesy Emma Mulholland