iPhones And VR Headsets Are The Accessory Of The Season

It’s called escapism, look it up.

You know how when you watch any movie made before 1995, they have a really specific view of what the future will be? Think: crazy technology, gas masks, things like that. Well, apparently John Galliano saw those flicks too. At his latest Margiela presentation at Couture Week in Paris, the designer sent models down the runway wearing VR headsets and holding their iPhones.

As if people aren’t already totally connected to their phones, now they’ll be able to literally wear them. Well, if they can afford Margiela artisanal.

The collection itself (and not to mention the styling) was also heavily rooted in technology, with a heavy post-apocalyptic vibe that feels all the more relevant in the wake of our current political climate. Though, there is something a bit disturbing about having your phone fastened to your shoes or your jacket. And the whole iPad/iPhone screen peaking through a sheer backpack — just no. There’s no way I want everyone on the subway to see whose Insta I’ve been stalking.

As for the clothes, the layered coat and hood combos felt a lot like Raf Simons — both his SS ’18 eponymous collection and Calvin Klein’s Fall ’18 line. But, I mean, Margiela is Margiela and Pat McGrath killed it on the blue-faced makeup. Plus, look on the brightside — you already own the collection’s most important accessory.

Images: Instagram