Get To Know: Very Beautiful Human Jacob Bixenman Shot By Rafael Martinez

Major QT.

Jacob Bixenman is a major cutie, that’s for sure. He’s also super talented — producing films, documenting visions via photographs and successfully modelling for the likes of Stella McCartney, Palomo Spain, Moncler and more. What you may or may not know, depending on how deep you’re following him on insta, it that he’s truly tender.

Oyster Contrib Rafael Martinez spent some time with Jacob, shooting around and chatting about social media, insecurities, beauty and creativity.

What’s your definition of beauty?
Making peace with yourself and extending it to others. Confidence.

Have boys approach you looking for advice? How do you feel about this?
Yeah, I do get people who approach me for advice online. I love that anyone has connected with what I do/who I am enough to trust me for guidance even though I’m stitching things together as presently as anyone else. I think it’s great and I encourage people to share their stories and insecurities with people they trust. Finding likeness in fear can be a powerful way of overcoming it.

How did your start taking photos and videos? Is this something you want to do in the long term?
I started playing around with photography a few years ago as a hobby and was trash at it but fell in love with the medium and kept practicing. That led me to explore working with videography and editing. All of those pieces add up to something I’m in love with that has become my passion and creative focus. I definitely want to continue telling visual stories in some capacity.

What do you enjoy the most about working in fashion? Is there something you would like to change in the industry?
Working in fashion is never not entertaining. Travel has probably been the perk I’m most grateful for. Also, being involved in an industry as visually immediate as fashion is has shaped the nature of how I work creatively in a way that I appreciate. As far as changing things, I’d hope for the industry to continue pushing for non-exploitative, genuine representation in casting and higher integrity with how young models are treated, because there can be a lack of transparency with what’s fair when you’re starting out.

How has social media helped you in your career?
I think the most valuable thing about social media for me, career-wise, has been the power to customise the consciousness of who I am and what I want creatively beyond modelling. I’ve found that there’s room between those two aspects of my career for something interesting to exist just by sharing things I’ve worked on. There’s a surprising amount of power in saying “this is what I do” and “this is what I want.” Social media has allowed that for me.

Any advice you’d like to give to people who feel insecure about themselves?
Chase what you love until you’re good at it. Keep exploring until you know what that is, if not yet. Purpose will give you security. Don’t compare yourself to others and learn how to responsibly consume media online. Recognise that the people you idolise are insecure as you are and continually calibrating their online identities with what they fantasise for themselves. That can be really scary. Pay less attention and focus more on what you want. Ask for it. Feed your soul, not your ego. Translate anger into art. Share it. Talk more. Contribute to something beyond yourself. Get out of your own way and love excessively.

Who do you look up to? Why?
People who are fearlessly creative. People who are nerds of their craft and obsessed with what they do. Effective communicators with empathy. People who are kind.

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Interview and photos: Rafael Martinez