#Neverforget Trend Edition: Thin Eyebrows Of The 90s Via Rihanna’s New Cover Story


Honestly when I was 13 I wanted woman eyebrows to I took to my face with my mum’s Venus razor, carefully removing what is now the most valuable commodity in the beauty world until all but a single row of hairs danced across my forehead.

To this day I still struggle with brow prosperity, and to this day I have been in an on-again-off-again relationship with “growing them out”. Not for much longer, maybe, because Rihanna is making us #neverforget the thin eyebrow trend of the 90s via her new Vogue cover. While I am *triggered* by it, I am also kind of nostalgic for my tadpole brows.

In honour of the trend’s possible return, and my coming to terms with my shit eyebrows, here are some of the best thin bois from the past:

Gwen Stefani


Drew Barrymore






Angelina Jolie


Christina Aguilera


Nicole Richie


Kate Moss


Pamela Anderson




Alicia Keys


Even Kimmy K had pencil-thin brows once upon a time