Tyler Mitchell’s History-Making Beyoncé ‘Vogue’ Cover Is Here

So cool!

Ur guy, and our guy Tyler Mitchell has made history, being the first black photographer to shoot a cover for US Vogue in its 126-year history. And aside from feelings of it’s about flipping time, there is a feeling of superb freshness — the most relaxed we have ever seen Beyoncé, or US Vogue for that matter, in a long time.

So far, two covers have been released, which you can see below via Tyler. As well as a bunch on inside images via Bey.

@beyonce in cornrows by me on the September cover of American Vogue

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Huge congratulations to Tyler for a brilliant career so far (he’s just 23!) leading up to this well deserved moment — being chosen by literal Bey to make history. So cool!

But Vogue, what the hell man? You’ve had 126 years to hire a black photog, and you had to wait until Beyoncé requested you do it?

Image: @beyonce