Update: Jesus Christ, Crocs Are Not Actually Over

Beauty fades, ugly is forever.

Last week, many hard-hitting journalistic sources reported that the much-loved/much-hated, all-terrain/all-purpose/all-level of irony shoe — Crocs — was actually literally over via retail stores and manufacturing plants closing down.

“In connection with ongoing efforts to simplify the business and improve profitability, during the second quarter, the company closed its manufacturing facility in Mexico and moved ahead with plans to close its last manufacturing facility, which is located in Italy,” the company said in a statement Tuesday.

Crocs-wearers everywhere started freaking tf out. “@Crocs can you please explain to me how you could justify diminishing our identities? without crocs we are nothing don’t do this to us baby oh NO,” one Twitter user wrote. And then Crocs came back with something we never thought we’d read: “FALSE ALARM: We aren’t going anywhere 😎.” Jesus Christ.

And then they released the following statement:

“During our second quarter earnings announcement Tuesday, we shared that revenues and gross margin exceeded guidance, along with numerous other accomplishments that position our brand for success. Since then, there have been multiple media reports that Crocs is winding down production in our owned manufacturing facilities.

While accurate, some people have interpreted that to mean that Crocs will no longer be making and selling shoes. Quite the contrary, Crocs will continue to innovate, design and produce the most comfortable shoes on the planet. As we streamline our business to meet growing demand for Crocs, we’re simply shifting production to third parties to increase our manufacturing capacity.

We’re extremely grateful, but not surprised that our passionate fans are rallying around the brand today. Our future is bright, bold and colourful.”