In A Very Dramatic Move, Hedi Slimane Deletes Céline’s Accent And Instagram History

The same way YSL did him.

Céline, nay Celine, is about to enter its Slimane era. To mark it, the label has come out with a new logo that has distinctly been cleaned of it’s accent — returning to the early days when it was rarely used. Also it’s entire instagram history has been erased.

On the new logo, the only existing instagram post explains it all:

But on the account wipe, we have no idea. But this is the same way Slimane was done by YSL when he bailed and Vaccarello took his position. Many read into this as a massive scorn — a response from the house after Slimane’s fairly wacky final collection.

Whatever the case here — there sure is nothing like a full burn down as a means of starting fresh, we guess. PS we’ll be in the back weeping over the Juergen x Céline imagery that is no longer :'(

Image: Céline