Britney Spears Debuted With ‘…Baby On More Time’ 20 Years Ago And She’s Still Crushing It

I must confess I still believe.

Scuzi but can you believe it has been 20 years since we first heard Britney Spears belt out her debut hit ‘…Baby One More Time’? Brit has confirmed this with an emosh tribute to her fans on insta.

So much has happened since the track’s release. Namely Brit finding this kind of solace:

And let’s not forget she was the first of your friends to shave her head (before it was cool), be open about mental health and inspire everyone else to just make it through today:

But in more recent times, Brit has proved that she is still crushing it. She has become a painter, selling her first work for $10,000 (proceeds went to Vegas Cares to commemorate the victims of the Las Vegas shooting):

She has become probably the best instagram user in the history of time and space:

Also this:

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And this:

She can still move her body in ways we could never — even at out nimblest 20 years ago:

And, hi, she scored a Kenzo campaign:

And she might just be the only woman celebrity in 2018 who is dating a man who allows her to be an even better person than she already is:

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