Cardi B Teases New ‘Money’ Single And We’re Richer Already


Cardi B hasn’t stopped working since releasing Invasion of Privacy โ€” she’s given birth, thrown shoes with Nicki Minaj, performed at Paris Fashion Week opened the VMAs and even managed to stay charting with an interesting Maroon 5 collab. So, it probably makes sense that she’s got money on the mind hard enough to release a single about it.

Taking to instagram to share the news, Cardi has posted the single’s cover art in which the word “art” is an understatement. On it, Cardi is perched on a pair of gold buckle heels, body covered by her hands (which are gloved in gold watches and ice), and head topped with a beaded hat that frames her lips so well you can almost hear them reciting all those zeros on her bank balance.

‘Money’ is out this Thursday and 12.30pm.

Image: @iamcardib