Oyster Premiere: Porcelain Peel Back Toxic Macho Acts In ‘Eyes On You’ Clip [Watch]

Fight or flight.

Sydney avant-pop band Porcelain, made up of people you’ve been hearing the names of for ages — Alex Kiers, Neil Beedie, Maeve Parker, Dominic Byrne — have released their super moving new single ‘Eyes On You’ and it’s super powerful video clip.

Musically, there’s that gently melodramatic build and fall you feel when you’re crushing to Lovage or some Ariel Pink, or maybe more likely FKA Twigs and St. Vincent. It’s atmospheric, heavenly, choral, a little bit electric on top of a nicely swelling trip-hop situation, produced perfectly by Jonathan Hochman (Holy Balm, etc) and Kiers. The best experimental pop to come out of Australia since Kylie Minogue’s ‘Breathe’? We’re going to say yeah.

The clip, co-directed by Kiers with his brother Adam, was inspired by their own coming of age in a fairly conservative, homophobic coastal town, and Stephen Cummings’ short film Resonance — which explores anti-gay violence in Sydney through Dance. To stunning results, they’ve produced a clip they tells the story of a young man faced with a fight he doesn’t want to throw the first punch in — his carrying and eventual lifting of the burden of proving his masculinity through violence.

“We found that typically, Australian boys are so often forced to project a tough front in a masculine environment – we wanted to convey just how traumatising the experience can be,” the directors say. “The main character (played by Sydney dancer Jackson Jansen) is in the midst of trying to make sense of his own identity, his feelings, and whether he belongs in this volatile environment. He wants less brutality and more beauty.” And don’t we all!

The video was produced by Emily Morrison, with cinematography by Christopher Miles and choreography by Kate MacDonald. Watch it below: