P.A.M Made Trippy, Surrealist And Quite Posh Tableware

Shrooms for dinner.

Your fav streetwear-ish label P.A.M has struck aesthetic gold yet again. This time, it’s in fine bone china adorned with graphics typical of them — a little bit culty, a little bit ancient artefact, a little bit what my brain sees on Sunday morning’s darkest hour.

“Fashion can be fleeting. It’s nice to make something that’s beautiful and that will be permanent,” label-half Shauna Toohey says. “Ceramics are a primal act,” adds Misha Hollenbach. “It’s woking with the earth, with your hands… I am working on a huge ceramic ear pasta platter!” I can’t believe I am about to say this but, Misha, I’m really interested in eating pasta out of your ear.

So, while we wait for our ear moment, we feast off the limited collection of big, medium and small plates, available exclusively here at Matchesfashion.com. There are six plates, edition of 30 per design, and Shauna is right when she says they’re a forever item. They’re beautiful.

Images: courtesy Matchesfashion.com