Sex Posi Geniuses At Par Femme Answer All Of Our Questions About Sex Toys

Play it cool.

One of our fav stores of all time, Par Femme, know a thing or two about getting down. Dreamt up from the deep, deep need to have a safe, honest and aesthetically chill place for women to shop for intimate items, Par Femme is catering to the curious and teaching us new things about our needs/wants/desires every single time we click on their link.

Aside from stocking beautiful underwear, telling the stories of inspiring women, letting us join the coolest book club ever, and helping us master squirting, Par Femme are doing all of the important sex toy research for us/you and providing a selection that’s safe, good looking (see above!), and v well functioning. We had a few questions, and they were very happy to answer them:

How do you choose which brands and toys to stock?
We choose brands that are in keeping with our brand ethos. Simple, functional, body safe materials and aesthetically designed.

What’s the most popular one?
The Je Joue G-spot Bullet Vibrator is our most popular product on sale. Its petite and extremely versatile, simple in design yet powerful.

Would you recommend that to first timers or something different?
The Je Joue G-spot Bullet Vibrator is the perfect entry level toy for first time users. I would also recommend the We Vibe touch – it’s an external stimulator or massager and very easy to control. The silicon is soft and smooth to touch. It is compact to fit in the palm of your hand but also offers a good range of intensities from mild to very powerful. It’s wonderful solo play.

I reckon sex toys are a really good way to get to know your own body and senses…
Sex toys are designed for ultimate pleasure and play. It’s a safe and exciting way to explore yourself and be intimate in a safe environment. You can go explore at your own pace and it’s a positive way to self discovery.

I’d definitely like to destroy this idea that they’re super ~kinky~ and not appropriate for majority of people…
When I used to think of sex toys, an image of a seedy hidden-away shop which feels confronting and taboo. Products and displays were focused to attract a male customer. We wanted to create a place where women could unashamedly shop in a store that was created through a feminine perspective and interest.

Toys are a pretty good way to communicate and demonstrate what you like, and improve your sexual relationship more and more and more… How do you know you’re ready to experiment with toys?
It all depends on the couple and where they are at in terms of their intimacy and relationship. Once you feel comfortable with you partner at whatever stage you can maybe starting to think about exploring new sensations through toys.

What types of things are people usually concerned about when it comes to shopping for sex toys?
Purchasing a sex toy in not like purchasing a fashion item. It’s non-refundable unless it’s faulty. It is important to do your research and have understanding of how the product works and it suits your criteria.

Do you have advice for someone nervous to shop for the first time?
We receive emails from new customers who are first time buyers and we encourage open and honest dialogue. Be sure to find out the materials are body-safe, as some cheaper items available in low end stores can have toys made from toxic chemicals. Also, be mindful of the durability, power and take into consideration what products you can use in terms of lubrication that are compatible with the materials made from the toy. There are no silly questions, so ask away!

And, post-purchase, what are some important things to remember when playing and after playing?
Hygiene is of the utmost importance. It is also very important to keep your toy protected and clean at all times.

Any final words of encouragement for anyone out there a little bit nervous to take the plunge?
Don’t feel a shamed to explore. Sex toys are not a replacement for personal contact, they are a fun edition to your sex life.

Photography: Nick Tsindos
Stylist/Creative Direction: Romy Safiyah