Watch The Trailer For Larry Clark’s New Movie


Larry Clark has just dropped the first trailer for his new film, Marfa Girl 2, the sequel to 2012’s Marfa Girl. Starring Adam Mediano, Mercedes Maxwell, and Oyster cover girl Drake Burnett, the film tackles all of Clark’s favorite subjects, primarily surrounding the misbehavior of troubled youth.

Clark first rose to fame for photographing the sex, drugs and skateboarding adventures of disaffected and downtrodden youth in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, but it was his 1995 collab with the then 22-year-old Harmony Korine, Kids, that shot him into the Hollywood mainstream — and scared parents of teenagers everywhere.

Since then, Clark has continued to document rebellious youth culture in photo books, series and films, like Marfa Girl, and the new, Marfa Girl 2. The original film followed Adam, played by Mediano, a teenager living in the border town of Marfa, Texas, as he fought (and made up) with his girlfriend, his parents, and teachers; and of course, did a lot drugs and had a lot of sex. The sequel picks up almost exactly where Adam left off, as he and his friends to try recover from some unnamed tragedy that’s left them all spiralling (even more) out of control.

By now, if we know anything about a Larry Clark film, it’s that it will be painfully disturbing — and totally real.

Watch the Marfa Girl 2 trailer, below.

Photo: YouTube