Collection Survey: Holiday By Emma Mulholland x Local Supply’s Perfect Vacay Shades

Leisure peepers.

Our gal Emma Mulholland, best known for turning Aussie summer hits into cool fashions, has just collaborated with Local Supply to create a collection of shades that’ll make you wanna do nothing but face the sun all day long.

Launching today in very limited quantities, the collection features two solid frames — the ‘Leisure Seekers’ and the ‘Smooth Talkers’. One is a bold square guy with a lipped edge that reminds us of boogie boards and esky lids (same thing, if you’re a surfer), and the other is a bit of a cat eye with a wavy situation in the corners. Super nice!

Inspired by early 90s cult classics like True Romance, Thelma and Louise and Doom Generation and road trips from L.A. to Palm Springs, the shades come in hot colours like pink, green, pearl white, black and tortoiseshell.

They launch exclusively at and today. While you wait for your pair/s, get to know Em and the collection via our world-famous Collection Survey:

Name: Emma Mulholland
Starsign: Virgo
Where are you from and where do you live now?
Ulladulla and Newcastle but I’ve been living in Sydney for 10 years now
Your work is informed by Aussie summers and holidays in the sun — Favourite holiday memory?
Any memory of staying with my nana at her Coolangatta apartment in a high rise called ‘Seascape’. When I was older I realised how much it was like Porpoise Spit from Muriel’s Wedding — but I loved staying there and my time with her so much.
Ok let’s do fantasy holiday — you can pick any three guests in the entire world/history, who are they and where do you go?
Princess Diana, Keanu Reeves and Bill Murray. We could cruise around the Caribbean on one of Lady Di’s super yachts.
Can you tell me a little bit of background on the collab — how and why did you start working with Local Supply?

I think for every Holiday you need a good pair of sunglasses and have been keen to make them since I started.  I have been chatting to the guys at local supply for a little while and it seemed like a good fit and would keep the glasses cool and affordable- not the kind you are too scared to wear because they are so $$$
And what were your main references?
Patricia Arquette in True Romance, Tyler in Point Break, Gregg Araki movies made before the year 2000 .
If you could describe the collection in five words?
Sick, cool, iconic, wavy, available

If the collection was a colour: Pink
If it was a mood: Lazy
If it was an animal: Dolphin
If it was a language: English with a Jamaican accent
If it was a place: Hawaii
If it was a time: Sunrise
If it was a song: ‘Island in the Sun’ by Weezer
If it was a season: Summer!
If it was a food: All you can eat seafood buffet
If it was a famous person: Parker Posey
If it was a YouTube video:  
If it was a smell: LeTan coconut lotion
If it was a texture: Coral
If it was a quote: “Welcome to the O.C bitch!” – Luke
If it was a film: Blue Crush
Photography : Byron Spencer
Fashion: Alexis Aquino
VHS: Amy Tuxworth @atuxworth
Models: Teresa Oman @ KULT, Raenee Sydney @ KULT