Dolce & Gabbana Cancel China Show After Stefano Calls It A ‘Country Of Shit’

Boy, bye.

Not shy of being an absolute moron, Stefano Gabbana has once again made a fool of himself and his brand. In an attempt to secure the lucrative Chinese luxury market, the house made a targeted advertising campaign called ‘DG Loves China’ that aimed to pay tribute to (read: trivialise) China’s flipping amazing culture.

The campaign was released over the weekend, on social media platform Weibo, to promote the house’s Shanghai runway show, which was destined to happen today. Immediately, the audience labelled it stereotypical, racist and misogynistic. Dolce & Gabbana deleted the post from Weibo within 24 hours, but it still exists on Instagram.

Since then, a D&G boycott has been trending on Weibo and Diet Prada have come through with MAJOR receipts, including outrageous screenshots of the official D&G account telling someone to “eat dogs bitch” and Stefano calling China a “country of shit”. As a result, agents had pulled their models and talent out of the show and audience, and eventually Dolce & Gabbana cancelled the show — that is after the entire world cancelled them.