Erykah Badu Delivers A New Pure Groove That’ll Cure Your Week

Heal me.

Erykah Badu, who remains a musical and spiritual queen through everything that is this world, has released a new track that might just make your week alright.

Rather than a large release, the track has been slipped into a two-hour mix Badu put together from NTS. Part of a Sound of Colour series, Badu explores the sound of green alongside colour-themed mixes from your mates Mac DeMarco (pink), Smerz (yellow) and more.

At about 1:05:04, Badu jumps in with a pure groove topped by her soul-drench vocals: “Money can’t buy me love,” over and over again. A Mantra that feels very fitting for right now — a time where the love that comes from within is crucial to survival.

Image: @erykahbadu