Lorde Accuses Kanye And Kid Cudi Of Ripping Her Off

Ur mates @diet_prada have thoughts, obv.

A lot went down at Camp Flog Gnaw last weekend. First, Jaden Smith announced that he and Tyler, The Creator may or may not be boyfriends (fingers crossed for may). Then, Kanye and Kid Cudi debuted their album Kids See Ghosts from a giant light up box that was suspended from the sky. But because nothing Kanye does can ever just be, Lorde has taken to the internet (where else?) to say that the rapper copied her stage design from last year’s Melodrama tour.

Talk about Melodrama, right?

“I’m proud of the work I do and it’s flattering when other artists feel inspired by it, to the extent that they choose to try it on themselves,” she wrote in an Instagram story comparing Kanye and Cudi’s Flog Gnaw set to a photo of her performance from Coachella last year. “But don’t steal – not from women or anyone else – not in 2018 or ever.

And because Diet Prada can’t stay out of anything (ever), but especially accusations of copying, the rip-off police also chimed in on the allegation.

“[Lorde] is throwing some serious shade in her stories towards Kanye and [Kid Cudi]’s direction for their Kids See Ghosts set last night and we’re here for it….if only because of the irony of [Kim Kardashian] calling out [YSL] earlier this year for copying Ye’s set design from his 2016 Saint Pablo tour when he apparently invented suspending light bulbs from above lol,” they shared. “We’re no experts in stage design, but does Lorde have a case here? Let’s all just take this as a chance to appreciate [Alexander McQueen]’s glass wind tunnel, suspended above a floor level runway, from his FW03 show.”

To throw a little more shade into the mix, Diet Prada added “Wait…did they all copy Giacometti?” in an Instagram story, referencing artist Alberto Giacometti and his “Figurine Between Two Houses (1950)” while also features a giant glass box.

So, who’s right here? Probably everyone, and no one, since there’s a fine line between inspiration and stealing, and because Lorde herself definitely wasn’t the first person to perform in a suspended glass box.

Either way, Ye and Kid Cudi’s set was amazing — you’ll be able to scope our pix from the performance soon.

Images: Tumblr