Pursue Pleasure With Par Femme At ‘Connected Pleasure’ This Weekend

Touch me.

Have you been feelin’ yourself lately? I mean, really feelin’ yourself? Whether it’s a nervous yes or a puritan no, Par Femme are here to hold your wandering hand while you get deep in ‘Connected Pleasure’. That’s their new exhibition-y programme, to be held this Friday November 30 and Saturday December 1 at a private residence in Darlinghurst.

Looking hard at pleasure and exploring it freely, specifically from the perspective of women, Par Femme continue their mission to make sex stuff — fantasies, desires, products — feel chill.

Open to the public, you’re invited to lay hands on their products, be they juicy apparel or pleasure toys, and get involved in a number of immersive items. On the Friday night, a guest speaker from @BareSexology will talk about connected pleasure and stick around to answer any questions you might have (walk-ins are welcome here, but do DM Par Femme on insta to secure a time). Plus Natalia Parsonson will be exhibiting a tidy collection of photographic work that copes with the manifestation of teetering feminine energy in nature.

A super special event to connect with yourself, with pleasure, and with other nice people.

Images: @parfemme