The Bonds Holiday Collection Is The Answer To Our Shimmering Dreams

Shine bright.

Bonds, who you have known and loved ever since you were nobody at high school unless you were exposing the logo waistband of you boy legs out the top of some baggy denim. Or was that just in the halls of my suburban haunt? Regardless, classic Bonds undies have been a staple since you started picking out your own duds — comfy, fun and iconic.

These holidays, Bonds have made a collection with a bit more razzle dazzle than we’re used to. And, quite frankly, we are into it. The Shine set — available in a metallic pink or blue, or mixed if you’re that way inclined as the bandeau and high waist bottoms are available as separates — is something we’re desperate to wear under a semi-sheer situation day and night. And the Lurex — another bandeau and high waist bottoms set of separates, also in pink and blue — is a more sporty take that is giving us high ambition to spend some time working out exclusively to Diana Ross.

Among the holiday collection is also some super cool colour-ways among the classics collection — a buttercuppy yellow, aqua, bright pink and clear sky blue. Our only question is: how appropriate would it be to wear these and only these to Christmas lunch?

Images: @bondsaus