The New Daisy Collection Is The Greatest Love Story Of Our Time

No ordinary love.

Daisy is dreamy success story not just because their designs have landed on the bodies of power women like Bella Hadid, Petra Collins, Lameka Fox, Selena Gomez, Lily-Rose Depp et al. But because the romance that is projected through every soft corset, every nipple grazed by a gathered seam, every sleeve or strap designed to hover just off the shoulders, is a real romance. Told full-circle in Renee and Gibson’s new collection: Love Story.

Aside from the Daisy Girls, a vital part of the Daisy identity is the beautiful love between Renee and Gibson. In fact, they originally produced Daisy’s first collection, Pure Country, as a wardrobe for Renee to wear while they spent their honeymoon road-tripping across America. A fantasy affair of the heart, which admittedly sounds like the plot of a Mariah Carey film clip or a Barbie feature film (same thing, really). Love is real.

Marking their anniversary this year, the couple returned to America to follow their love line back to Las Vegas to renew their vows in the same place they first celebrated them. Here, they brought their new Love Story collection to life. Designed for the ultimate honeymoon — “the trip of a lifetime” — they shot the collection with their main squeeze, Hannah Elyse, in the kind of romantic extravagance that has absolutely come to symbolise their love for each other. Bound physically in a limited photo book, which you can preview above.

Saccharine stuff aside, Love Story is a collection of growth for Daisy. They’ve introduced custom prints (butterflies!), logo hardware and a completely exciting colour palette. Renee also tells us about the newly developed fabrications they’ve incorporated, which includes sustainably regenerated techno lycra and things like satin-finish micro-knits to make things super comfortable and to make the size range more flexible. Somehow, too, they’ve managed to reinvent the off-the-shoulder sitch. We’re obsessed.

Images: Courtesy Daisy