Bottega Veneta Unveils Debut Collection Under Creative Director Daniel Lee

Instant fave.

A label that has always been rock steady, realistic, and understanding of women who want to dress well, it was with no doubt that they appointed new creative director, Daniel Lee, and expected him to keep the ship on course. With the unveiling of his debut, Pre Fall 19, it is clear that the brand’s language has been expertly translated and mapped with a refined essentialism.

“The fundamental principles of Bottega Veneta – the identity, the legacy – inform a fresh approach,” the press release reads. “Respect for craftsmanship; the nobility of natural material; an Italian heritage.”

“The warmth and generosity of Italy, the convivial and community spirit, the sense of family, all are embodied in and imbued through these clothes. Woven together, these ideas delineate a distinct but discreet breed of contemporary luxury. It is a streamlined beauty, simultaneously modern and of the past – timeless.” They’re right.

Looking at the sexy (but not too sexy), staunch (but not too staunch), rich (but not frivolous) looks from Daniel’s debut, it’s very easy to deem it an instant fave. And with the intimacy and ease of the images, which capture pleasant textures, bags at large, and sophisticated show of skin, it’s almost easy to let this fill a Phoebe Philo-shaped hole in your heart.

Images: courtesy Bottega Veneta