Shop Pieces From Courtney Love’s Actual IRL Closet

Praise be.

Best. News. Ever. Courtney Love is selling clothes from her literal, actual, IRL closet on luxury resale site Heroine. And god (or at least, the internet knows) we love her style (#NeverForget).

Earlier today, the singer (and ultimate style icon) announced she’d be listing a curated group of her literal, actual, IRL clothes on the site, with all proceeds going to benefit Stand For Courage, a charity founded by Love’s sister that aims to change the conversation around bullying.

“I love fashion and I love sharing with others, so, while I certainly hold some pieces more dearly than others, I will not grasp tightly to material possessions,” she said about her decision. “When it’s time to pass something along, I will do that with pleasure, as I believe that clothing should be worn or displayed in a way that allows its beauty to be seen.”

Hopefully, on me.

The collection, which will be available starting this Thursday (and will probably sell out in a matter of seconds) will include the pin-striped jacket Love wore in the 2013 Saint Laurent campaign, a Rick Owens jumpsuit, a classic Courtney Love slip by John Galliano, a Vivienne Westwood dress and some Marc Jacobs, natch. Maybe Court will even be selling some original MJ Grunge pieces, so you don’t have to buy from the Redux collection — oh wait, she and Kurt notoriously burned the freebies Marc sent her in 1993. What a shame.

Either way, we know the pieces will be killer — I mean, after all, they ARE from Courtney Love’s literal, actual, IRL closet. So, if you didn’t know what to get me for Hanukkah, here’s your answer.

I want to be the girl with the most cake — and Courtney Love clothes.

Image: Tumblr