Tumblr Has Officially Banned Boobs But Racism Is Still Chill


Tumblr is making real moves to cleanse the site of pornography and adult content, which seems weird considering 99% of its users are horny teens. But, the whole decision has come right after the Tumblr app was pulled from Apple’s App Store because pornographic images of children had been making it past the site’s filters. Fair.

“We spent considerable time weighing the pros and cons of expression in the community that includes adult content. In doing so, it became clear that without this content we have the opportunity to create a place where more people feel comfortable expressing themselves,” Tumblr CEO Jeff D’Onofrio wrote in a blog post.

But, a quick click on #tumblrisdead will prove users aren’t feeling it. And some arguments are completely valid, considering a quick search comparison of “boobs” reveals zero results yet, idk, something actual dangerous like “white pride” yields many. Also, things that aren’t even remotely adult are reportedly being flagged.

Image: Twitter