Jamie Lee Curtis Is Not Down For The Fiji Water Girl

Thirst trap.

The Fiji Water Girl might’ve been our MVP of The Golden Globes, but Jamie Lee Curtis does NOT agree. With pretty fair reason. The Halloween actress took to Instagram today to share a photo of herself on the red carpet, flanked by the smiling water model, and called the brand OUT.

So, my husband, who doesn’t look at a lot of show business news sites, just mentioned that I was on the CNN website,” she wrote. “I specifically moved away from the blatant promotions by Fiji and Moet where young women with their trays filled with their wares stood near a designated camera.”

I knew why there was a photographer poised there and I moved away as I said out loud that I didn’t want to be doing advertising for either,” she continued. “Clearly this angle shows that I moved from her being behind me and yet from the side it still happens. The sponsors of events need to get permission from people when they get them to take their picture next to products.”

The Fiji Water Girl took an opportunity and ran with it. Dress for the life you want, not the life you have kinda vibes. This is a mood. But Jamie Lee Curtis’ words ring true — especially considering the product is bottled water, the greatest sham of all time and the definition of anti-mood.

Image: Instagram